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ICON8 Overall Survival Paper Published Lancet Oncology 8th June 2022

The ICON8 Trials Programme team are pleased to share with you with you the ICON8 Overall Survival results, now published on the Lancet Oncology. Many thanks for your contribution and help to the ICON8 trial. 

The paper is available via this web link:


ICON8 Trial Update May 2014 Newsletter

ICON8 released the May 2014 Trial Update newsletter with clarifications on the current protocol, an update on TRICON8 and the ICON8 Poster presentation at ASCO 2014.

The Newsletter is available below:

ICON8 Trial Update May 2014 Newsletter

ICON8 at ASCO 2014

We are pleased to report that we have a "Trials in Progress" poster on ICON8 at ASCO this year. If you are at the conference, please come and see us!

This is a link to the abstract:

The abstract and poster will also be available via the ASCO Virtual Meeting.

1000 patients recruited!

ICON8 has now recruited 1000 patients and looks set to hit the recruitment target of 1485 patients across the 3 arms of the trial by October 2014.

ICON8 Trial Update Autumn 2013 Newsletter

ICON8 released an Autumn 2013 Trial Update newsletter with details of the Stage 1a analysis, Accrual, Translational Research, CRF Completion Guidelines, and a Bevacizumab update. The Newsletter is available below:

ICON8 Trial Update Autumn 2013 Newsletter

ICON8 Presented at NCRI conference in Liverpool November 2013

The ICON8 Trial Physician Dr. Jane Hook presented the results of the Stage 1a analysis: Safety and Feasibility at The National Cancer Research Institute Conference in Liverpool on 4th November 2013. The full abstract is available at the link below.

ICON8 Stage 1a NCRI abstract

Summary of Results

In this analysis we looked at how much chemotherapy the first 150 women enrolled in the trial were able to receive and at what side-effects they experienced to give us an early indication about how tolerable ‘weekly chemotherapy’ (Research Groups 2 and 3) is. We found that it has been more difficult to give the weekly chemotherapy compared to standard 3-weekly treatment (Research Group1) but that the side effects were similar and women were able to receive an acceptable amount of chemotherapy per week. In fact, the amount of chemotherapy given per week was increased by nearly a quarter in the weekly chemotherapy arms. The two weekly chemotherapy arms have not been changed following this analysis, but as they may be easier to give with earlier use of G-CSF (Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor) injections alongside chemotherapy to reduce the occurrence of low white blood cell counts, this is now recommended where necessary for future patients. There were 595/1485 patients recruited into ICON8 at the time of the Stage 1a analysis, and ICON8 continues to recruit patients so that we can go on to answer our main questions about whether giving weekly chemotherapy may improve survival in women with ovarian cancer.

ICON8 Poster Presented at ESGO in Amsterdam in October 2013

The ICON8 Trial Physician Dr. Jane Hook presented the results of the Stage 1a analysis: Safety and Feasability at the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology conference in Amseterdam in October 2013. The Poster is available for viewing in the link below:

ICON8 Stage 1a poster - ESGO conference

ICON8 grows Internationally

ICON8 has now opened the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) who have opened 4 sites so far and are looking to open more very soon.

ICON8 grows Internationally

ICON8 has now opened The All Ireland Cooperative Oncology Research Group (ICORG), and Grupo de Investigacion en Cancer de Ovario y Tumores Ginecologicos de Mexico (GICOM) with a combined 7 international sites between them.

ICON8 goes International

Seoul National University Hospital (coordinated by the Korea Gynecologic Oncology Group - KGOG) has become the first international centre to be opened for recruitment to the ICON8 trial.

ICON8 presented at British Gynaecological Cancer Society annual meeting

Dr Andrew Clamp, the trial Chief Investigator, presented an update on the trial and recent results from other clinical trials at the BGCS annual meeting on 5th July 2012. You can find the slides here:

ICON8 British Gynaecological Cancer Society annual meeting slides

ICON8 Celebrates it's 1st Birthday!

On 06/06/2012 ICON8 celebrated it's first birthday. Since the trial was launched we have opened 32 different sites across the UK and are aiming to open internationally in Ireland, Korea, Mexico and America. As of the 11th June 2012, we have 133 patients recruited to the trial.

ICON8 opened to recruitment on Monday 6th June 2011

We are currently open at our first site, the Christie Hospital in Manchester. More sites are progressing through the R&D process and will be opening soon.

Our aim is for the trial to be open in around 50 sites throughout the UK.